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Welcome to Sweet Tooth Memories

We make delicious, hardtack/rock/glass candy that includes timeless and innovative flavors. Whether you desire traditional and vintage tastes or our new modern twist, we will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our Mission and What We Do

Our mission is to sufficiently provide families of all sizes and incomes with financial aid for their children to afford a quality Christian education at an accredited facility. Our unique fundraising program also allows schools, organizations, and various community groups to raise funds for their specific goals and purposes, like new uniforms, equipment, and various trips.

A portion of all sales is collectively placed to create scholarships. Scholarships will be provided to families and organizations while simultaneously providing consumers with homemade hardtack candy to reminisce and enjoy.

Celebrating New Year

Special Occasions

Specifically tailored to each event and customer desire, we take immense pride in providing for all occasions and events. Options available for customer specification include candy shapes, colored theme-matching bags, and various sizes.

  • Birthdays

  • Weddings

  • Graduation

  • Corporate Gift Giving

  • Baby Showers

  • Bachelorette Parties

Contact Us

We value your input! Whether it's suggestions, questions, fundraising (individually or groups), or wholesale opportunities, we welcome your feedback.

Additionally, we'd love to hear your flavor suggestions to enhance our offerings and create delightful treats that cater to your tastes. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

(814) 808-5599

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D-Generation Next Games DuBois, PA

D-Generation Next Games Punxsutawney, PA

Dormina's Kitchen Cupboard Boswell, PA (Regular flavors, 4oz)

GramsTraditions Ridgway, PA

Hometown Pizza Rockwood, PA (8oz Boozy Candy)

Landis Bakery Berlin, PA (Regular flavors, Variety sizes)

Laurel Highlands Beverage Somerset, PA (8oz and 4oz Boozy Candy)

Mostoller's Convenience Store Somerset, PA

Small Town Wicks & Suds, LLC Somerset, PA (4oz Regular and Boozy Candy)

The Starfish Candle Company Sebring, OH

The Sweet Spot Johnstown, PA (4oz Boozy Candy)

Discover our locations on the map! Visit our store partners and wholesale locations in various towns for delightful treats. Interested in wholesale or store partnerships? Let's connect and spread the joy of our products together! Indulge in a delightful experience at our nearest store or collaborate with us for flavorful ventures!

I just got my order and the candy is so good. I can't stop eating it. I recommend the crown peach. It is amazing!!

Andrea Joy Beckwith-Rovedo of Colorado  December 7, 2021

Boxes on Conveyor Belt

Wholesale Opportunities

Sweet Tooth Memories LLC would be honored to be considered as a potential manufacturer and supplier for your hardtack/rock/glass candy needs. Specialized in making old-fashioned, nostalgic, yet modern hardtack candy, STM offers a variety of flavors to meet a plethora of tastes. Although we conduct most of our business through various vendor and crafting events, we have made the decision to explore retailers for our special and well-received products. Made in vintage tradition or with a modern twist or real liquors and alcohols, the candy has an enhanced flavor and taste. This same concept is found with beer-battered fish, fries, and other alcohol-marinated items. Surprisingly, this also includes the nationally known chocolate treats, Mallo Cup and Clark Bars along with numerous others. Our candy, although dubbed “boozy” by our Morgantown, WV clientele, is safe for all ages and is comparable to a Jolly Rancher, but with a more long-lasting flavor. Along with the current Gen Z customers, we have discovered this vintage product with an appealing twist has brought a priceless, nostalgic, and sentimental market out of the woodwork en mass.

Our wholesale program allows the purchaser to buy the candy in 4oz, 8oz, or 16oz sizes. We have discovered the 4oz sells best. We will also discuss best-selling flavors shortly. But first, STM is also open to potentially selling our product via 5-gallon buckets for the seller to white label with their own label while still giving STM acknowledgment and credit for creation and production. We are very proud of the unique product we have invente